Willy T, Soggy Dollar and Back

Yesterday I had Steve DiTomasso and friends Todd James and Dan Weidman, all from Pittsburgh, on board Island Roots. After a Caneel Bay pick up and a West End Tortola custom clear in, it was off to Norman Island. To the Indians and the Caves? No, these guys wanted something different. Since it was a calm day with flat seas, we decided to do a little exploring. First stop was Carrot Rock, south side of Peter Island. Looked like good snorkeling, but no mooring buoy, so we headed for the south side of Norman Is and Money Bay. There is a dive mooring off the southeast point of Norman, but it was occupied so we continued on. At the head of Money Bay is a sweet little anchorage, but a cruising boat was in residence, We dropped our hook a little further west in a sandy spot surrounded by numerous coral heads. Nice snorkeling, not as many fish as I hoped for.

Back on board, continuing westward, there is a really spectacular cliff, sort of like Rams Head. Then around the southwest end, the Caves and into the Bight. Which is the home of the Willy T! We had fish and chips, pronounced excellent, and met a couple of photogenic young ladies. As always, Zeus was most entertaining.

To the Soggy Dollar Bar, and you can guess the rest. Painkillers and fun in the sun. These guys will definitely be back to the BVIs and Island Roots.

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