Stingrays on Parade

Lately I realized that I haven’t spent any time with my blog for almost 2 years- busy- concentrating on Facebook. I want to be more faithful so here goes.

Saturday was a snorkel trip around the East End of St John with a couple of locals and family relations. We snorkeled at Lamesur Bay and Newfound Bay as well as Flanagan Island and Hurricane Hole. The thing that impressed me most was the resurgence of many juvenile coral species. Most exciting was many small elk horn corals at Lamesur.
This species is a relatively fast grower so it will be fun to monitor progress over the coming years. Jeff, an excellent snorkeler found a couple off good sized lion fish hiding under a rock shelf fairly deep but there’s were the only two seen all day. I also saw a big permit/pompano swimming along here.
At Newfound Bay were at least a half a dozen southern stingrays feeding in about 8 feet of water stirring up the bottom and getting the local fish interested. I’ve never seen so many sting rays in one place so close together.
Out by the reef were a pair of French angelfish swimming by.

Very beautiful. And Jeff nabbed a little lobster and a hermit crab to show his niece and her husband. Both released of course.

At Flanagan the snorkeling wowed everyone and at Hurricane Hole we made a quick stop to see the mangroves.

Fun day.