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Let’s Talk About the Rain

Some of you may have noticed two distinct literary styles on the Island Roots blog and wall postings. That is because some are written by the captain and others by the captain’s wife. It is probably obvious whose are whose; the creative, thoughtful postings would belong to Marcia, and the rather stilted, rambling text would be my humble efforts. It is much easier to keep a more constant flow of information pertaining to Island Roots and the Coral Bay community coming if we share the responsibility.

More rain on the way

Now having got that bit of housekeeping out of the way, did we ever get a lot of rain last night. At least 6 inches on top of the previous night’s 2 inches; on top of the 20 something last month from Otto. Enough already. Tropical storm Tomas was involved somehow in this weekend’s weather. A sort of spin-off, the locals say.
Island Roots is anchored right off the dingy dock in Coral Bay and when I rowed out this morning, it had stopped raining and the water was pretty brown and murky. The Coral Bay Community Council and some government agencies have formulated a storm water management plan and have constructed a sedimentation-settling pond off Kings Hiway, just before you get to Josephine’s, other side of the road. It seems to be working, but a little further along, again before Josephine’s, the existing drainage dip in the road has been totally ripped up by rampaging waters, with huge chunks of concrete lying askew down stream of the road. This was a result of Otto, not this weekend, but when we woke this morning we could clearly hear the sound of a river running nearby. It comes out near what used to be Pickles and has made a muddy mess of that area. Love City minimart had a foot of water on the floor after Otto. So Coral Bay is a little soggy tonight, but it doesn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits. More tomorrow.

More Rain

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