Here We Are Between Halloween and Thanksgiving

Today was somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Our adventure started as we maneuvered ‘Island Roots’ out of the driveway. Lumbering down the dirt road and up the hill, we dodged two-foot gullies as we navigated the streambed towards Coral Bay. Hurricanes Earle and Otto had left their marks etched in big rocks and boulders and pot holes ready to swallow up the unsuspecting. If you’re familiar with acacia trees, you know they hate to let go. Long thorny branches grab and tear at what ever they can latch onto. That was the scary part. Our triumphant arrival at the marina, with aqua water beckoning, is the blessing–we are truly thankful for this successful start of the season. Now let’s go have some fun!

The Adventure Begins
Headed for the Gates
A Thankful Capt. John

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