Headed for the Barn and Still Humming

Today I brought Island Roots to Crown Bay, St Thomas to have my old 150 Yamahas replaced with brand new 2010, 150 Yamahas. Re-powering is not inexpensive, but hopefully it means no downtime due to repairs and tardy parts shipments. Properly maintained, these new outboards should last 10 years or more.

It was an absolutely beautiful day on the water, light N breeze and flat calm, plenty of sunshine, not too hot. Perfect day for a charter. I bet Kevin on Born to Rhumb and John Brandi, Palm Tree charters were out. Good for them and their passengers. There seems to be a lot of vacationers around right now.

Ram's Clear and Bright

I took a few photos going around Rams Head and then a few heading into Crown Bay. I couldn’t help notice several thirty-something foot sailboats on the rocks here, as well as several more when I went past Chocolate Hole. I suppose the beach at the Westin in Great Cruz Bay must be cleaned up by now. They had more boats blown ashore there. Earle made quite an impact.

The old Yamahas just hummed all the way to Offshore Marine in Crown Bay, as if they wanted to go out as loyal as ever. A fellow Coral Bay captain is buying them from me. I know they’ll give him many years of reliable service.

Approaching Crown Bay

I should be back in the water by the weekend. They are very professional at Offshore Marine; they’ll take good care of us.

Yamaha, Offshore Marine

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