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Brewers Point and Beyond

Today’s trip took us up the north side of Tortola. First stop was Brewers Point. My snorkelers reported many, many fish especially lots of jacks. And elk horn coral – some really nice specimens. Not too surprising as it likes rough water. Usually it is too choppy to snorkel comfortably here, but not today.
We also scouted out Brewers Bay which also looked like really good snorkeling; fairly shallow with lots of coral heads. Not so good for anchoring cruising sailboats.
Then off to Monkey Point and on our way back we spotted dolphin splashing so I shut down the engines and they swam right over to the boat, a couple only an arms length away!

That was fun.
The north side of Tortola over to Jost is a good area to spot marine mammals. We have seen humpback whales breaching here several times over the year.

Lunch was lobster at Sydneys and Val was just getting ready to head out to haul his lobster traps as he has a big Thanksgiving order for a guy on St John. Val is one of the hardest working men I know and really knows the sea around here. He said he’ll take me out lobstering some day. I certainly hope so.
Our last wildlife sighting of the day was a brown booby that flew with the boat for several minutes, probably hoping our bow wave would scare up a few baitfish.
Another BVI trip tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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